Qigong for Health

This post describes some uses of Tai Chi Qigong for health. If you are interested in QiGong for other purposes, check out my post on Qigong (or Chi Kung) Energetic Expressions.

Using Tai Chi Qigong Energetics for Health

If you have a wide range of movements in your Tai Chi and the energy cycle through the acupuncture meridians is correct then the vast majority of the time you do not need more moves for the health aspect of Tai Chi Qigong.

What you do need is the proper application of the energy and an understanding of how to work that energy for specific purposes suited to your needs and health.

For example a person who needs stress relief or who has a headache may need to perform the moves very light and extra soft. A person who needs more bone density and mass will most likely want to practice moving with rooted heavy energy in order to add that bone density and mass.

Notice these two energetics are very different. A person who has arthritis will need to use certain kinds of electrical energy expression to specifically address the arthritis.

I have personally used this one with great affect against osteoarthritis and as a result I have never had any pain from it.

How You Can Cultivate Chi

In Tai Chi Qigong there is also the Nei Kung internal work which at some point in your training is supposed to be practiced while you perform your Tai Chi set.

In Tai Chi, first you get the chi in your body to activate so that it flows through your body properly then you build your Chi, then you get the chi to move and flow in various ways according to your mental desire and internal skill development and use.

Then, you store and build more chi in your entire body from the inside of your bone all of the way out to the skin and then you learn to activate it and move it faster and faster.

A Tai Chi Qigong Secret of Longevity

Eventually you work the Tai Chi Qigong energy without having to practice the moves. First you do it while simply walking and eventually you work the energy no matter what you are doing.

The idea in Tai Chi is to grow to the point that your body internally works in a Tai Chi Qigong energy way and you are practicing the art most of the time without having to give it much thought. This is one of the secrets to good health and longevity in Tai Chi.

In Tai Chi Qigong as in all Qigong after practicing or using Chi you should always settle the Chi and put it back into the deeper storage areas of the body particularly deep into the bones.

The Chinese teachers I have studied from call this like putting money in the bank. Store your money for a rainy day when you will need it. In the case of energy this means when you are old or sick. I have written more about storage areas and dan tiens here.


  1. Jeffrey Haun says

    Hey Richard. Great to meet your group a couple of weeks back. I’m really interested in the Silat, but my wife’s father was recently diagnosed with Cancer and were in crysis mode for the time being. Maybe someday soon…..

    • Hey Jeff, I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s father. Stay in touch, and hopefully we’ll be able to work together soon.

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