The reality of Qi – Belief is not required

There’s a bunch of crazy stuff out there.

Studying the Internal Martial Arts is the exploration of a world that stretches the imagination and dives head first into things our scientists are only beginning to discover.

An open mind is a prerequisite.

You must ‘empty your cup’ and question the assumptions you have made about what is and what is not if you want to get very far.

That being said, Belief is NOT required.

For martial skills it’s kind of simple:

“Does it work against a crazed maniac who’s trying to take my head off with a machete?”

On the health side, things are often a little more vague because Belief & Faith can have very powerful effects on someone’s health.

But the question is similar:

“Does the healing method work on someone who thinks you’re full of it?”

Twice a year we teach folks just such a healing method. Students learn to feel someone’s energy field and diagnose injuries and illness. Then folks learn how to work with the energy. removing blockages, fixing problems and getting things aligned properly.

No belief required.

I know it sounds crazy but anyone can do it. All you need is some decent training and practice.

That’s why we guarantee results at our healing workshops.

The next workshop will be April 29, 30 & May 1, 2016.

This also marks the twentieth year that Sigung Clear has been teaching this Fa Kung method.

So on March 15 – 17 we’ll have a 20th anniversary sale on the Fa Kung DVD package.

Take Care,
Ben Sterling


  1. That’s what is so great about these methods; they really pan out no matter what the other person believes. If the other person has to believe it for it to work, then the method is purely an illusion, which this is not.

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