Separating External & Internal Q&A

Q: Hi Richard,

How specifically do you separate and practice your external qi gong and kung fu from your Tai Chi internal qi gong and internal tai chi?

Can you give me a run down on what kind of schedule you use to practice both of these systems. I have not been practicing external Kung Fu much lately. Yet I have been practicing Tai Chi, Wu Chi, Carry the Caldron, Grand Tai Chi every day. I want to practice both with a flow that allows it to blend and not cause problems with one another.

Thanks for your time.
Best Regards,
A: Hi Dan,
There are a number of things to consider in order to get a real and responsible answer to this question.

The first thing is that in the traditional schools I studied from they were adamantly of the opinion that after 40 years of age that the practitioner should primarily only be practicing Internal and maintain but not build new external training practices.

Secondly, what is the external training that you are referring to specifically? I ask this because there are many kinds and types of training and there are internal ways to work on most skills. Even though the internal methods are different and can take a bit longer to develop they are often superior in the long run.

Best Regards.

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