Shen Mind Intent

Shen Mind Intent refers to the emotional or heart mind intent. If I am working with someone who is not well and my heart goes out to them and I wish them well and have compassion for them and a healing effect takes place it is due to the projection of shen mind intent. Essentially the emotion directs the energy.

The beginning of shen healing work is more along the lines of getting to know someone and feeling the desire to help them. Then, when I work with them they can feel that I care and their body and mind has a positive response to that caring which then facilitates healing.

Heartfelt prayer can be a form of shen healing as well. Both for the person who is praying and for the person who is being prayed for. This is not a mechanical prayer whereby the person praying looks at a name on a prayer list and says the name because they are supposed to and does not know or have any feeling toward the person being prayed for but is instead more like the mother or father who prays for a child that is sick where they are sincerely emotionally asking for help and feeling and trusting in the love they have.

In terms of Healing Energy practice one way to understand shen mind intent that is relatable to folks here in the West is that the person being energy healed is being cared for as opposed to treated.

One famous Shen healer in China had many return patients that came to him repeatedly and often because he could sit with them for 30 minutes quietly talking and they would feel massively better and often receive radical healing benefit. His ability was so good that he became quite famous and he literally got so many patients that he could not see them all individually and it was overwhelming him and his practice. So, he arranged to do a morning tea once a week where he would visit with many of the returning patients all at the same time and he was able to work with enough patients this way that his practice became manageable again and he was able to help many more people.

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  1. Dan Eidson says

    In the Hawaiian healing system I studied they would only send healing energy if they had permission from the receiver to do it.
    In the Quantum Touch healing system you visualize the person between the palms of your hands. You then send heartfelt or love/compassion to them utilizing various breathing methods, while running energy. I have witnessed or heard of people leaving hospitals after being extremely ill as a result of this remote healing from a group who sent energy for 30 minutes.

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