Softness Myth #3

The Softness MythSoftness Myth #3: “For more power & speed stay as relaxed as possible and then tense at the moment of impact.”

This is only true if you compare it to being tense all the time.

A more powerful skill is to relax even deeper and release at the moment of impact.

This requires a little more training and practice than the first method but the return for the work you put in is also much greater.

A lot of internal skills are like this.

A little more work up front…

…for a much bigger reward later on.

Of course, any good curriculum combines mid and long term skill development with instant gratification.

Things you can use right away.

…because you never know if you’ll need these skills in 20 years or tomorrow.

The Internal Combat Arts Course includes both.

So if the idea of a little extra work sounds like fun go check it out:


  1. How do you “release” at the moment of impact?

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