16 Types of Tai Chi Applications

There are many different types of Tai Chi Applications. Although Tai Chi is not usually considered a fighting art Tai Chi is in fact a complete martial art and you will find that there are some very well respected Tai Chi fighters in Asia.

Here are a few of the ways in which Tai Chi can be applied:

  1. Bone Breaking Techniques
  2. Evasionary Techniques
  3. Defense against getting broken bones
  4. Open Hand transfer of power
  5. Slapping Techniques
  6. Fist and Punching Techniques
  7. Elbow & Knee Techniques
  8. Foot Stomping Techniques
  9. Chi Na
  10. Grappling & Seizing Techniques including Trapping Locks and Holds
  11. Counter Grappling & Escapes
  12. Throwing Techniques
  13. Kicking
  14. Finger Strikes
  15. Whole Body Frame striking (using the whole body to hit)
  16. Pressure Point Strikes

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