Tai Chi Breaking Techniques

Tai Chi Breaking Techniques include bone breaking of small joints, longer limbs and vertebrae as well as internal damage such as organ rupturing etc.. This may sound quite violent for an art with such a reputation for peace but when you consider the origins of the art then it makes quite a bit more sense.

The older masters of the last generation of Tai Chi (including Dr Wu the head of my original Tai Chi family) tended to be Chinese medicine practitioners with long family histories of acupuncture, bone setting, Tui Na Massage and chi energy manipulation (Fa Gung and External Chi Healing). Dr Wu’s Family history in medicine traces back over 500 years. This means that they understood the body and its functions very well.

The refined touch and movement needed to really apply light force and correct leverage can be refined by the applied practice of the healing arts. As you work with the body and begin to understand the body better you also begin to really understand the body’s frailties and what it takes for a bone, organ or muscle to be moved, displaced, broken or otherwise damaged.

Tai Chi Breaking Techniques include proper placement of a hand, elbow, arm, shoulder or torso such that all that is required to finish the technique is the proper application of force at the point of contact and the internal ability to make the force and weight transfer and express where and when desired. This is a mainstay of real Tai Chi training and is also part of the purpose of skilled Push Hands practice.

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  1. I saw ur dvd and ad in the johnson smith magazine and i have for many years wanted to master Tai Chi to all the higest degree. This has been a dream of mine for the longest and now i am on ur website this is my goal.
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