Tai Chi Death Touch

Often when people hear about Tai Chi they tend to think of the soft gentle art for health.

Tai Chi certainly is that.

However, as difficult as some may find it to believe, the legendary Death Touch is a technique that comes straight out of the appropriate study and practice of real Tai Chi.

Most people who have been around the martial arts for 20 years or more have heard stories or actually seen a demonstration by a Tai Chi master whereby a little old man simply touches someone and they are blown off their feet and / or are thrown 20 feet or more.

Often this high level skill is disregarded because it is viewed as being somehow a mystical skill or a skill that takes an entire lifetime to learn or worse yet some kind of trick involving voluntary collusion between the master and his students. This may result in injuries and at times fatal injuries like brain injuries can also happen. In such a situation, you can take the help of brain injury lawyers for hire for filing the personal injury claim to get compensation for the injury.

To make matters worse there are those who would like you to believe that it takes a lifetime to learn these skills and still others without a moral compass who fake such skills in order to gain inappropriate fame and notoriety.

I hope I can shed light on the amazing skill and striking ability that comes from the study and application of real Tai Chi internal power as taught in Clear’s Tai Chi Chuan.

fa jing

We have included specific information about Fa Jing on each of our Clear’s Combat Tai Chi videos

Essential Skills

In Tai Chi there are several essential skills that must be learned and practiced in order to develop true internal power.

One of these skills is Steel Wrapped in Cotton as written about in my previous article that appeared in the November 2010 issue of Inside Kung Fu magazine.

Another essential skill is learning how to transfer your whole body weight onto or into another person or object even when you are only touching the person or object.

In order to perform this skill you must be able to get an internal sense of your own body weight and internal movement and the shifting and distribution of that weight.

Next you will need to be able to feel the weight and intentional body state (which includes weight and weight distribution) of the other person or object.

The quality and kind of touch are another essential element that is required and it must be specifically trained in order to be fully understood and properly utilized.

Clear’s Tai Chi currently has in depth training videos available on each of these topics including Internal Power development and sensitivity, Internal Iron Body work for Steel Wrapped in Cotton and 1 Hit and 1 Touch Knockouts including Internal Iron Palm.

Explosive Power

It is our belief that it is time for these high level skills to be made available to those who really want to study them.

Tai Chi practitioners also study how to generate Fa Jin (Explosive Power) to transfer force and body weight.

We have included specific information about Fa Jin on each of our Clear’s Combat Tai Chi videos to help practitioners get better at various ways to transfer explosive force from a variety of different positions and in a wide variety of circumstances.

Of course the Fa Jin that is famous among those seeking high level skills is the type of Fa Jin where the practitioner barely moves or is not seen to physically move at all and yet the effect of the strike is impressive to behold as the object shatters or the recipient is wildly knocked off of their feet as if blasted by a cannon.

One of the real advanced applications of these skills is the so called Death Touch.

The Death Touch

When directing the transfer of energy for a Death Touch type of strike the recipient will not be blown off of their feet or even moved very far. Instead all of the force of the strike will be directed to the inside of the recipient.

In order to perform this kind of skill you will need the ability to Feel Inside a Person & Send force to anywhere you desire.

The beginning training method for this skill and many others is taught in our free guide:

For the Tai Chi Master level Death Touch this skill should be developed to the point that it can be performed with Light Internal Force Power Transfer.

This includes being able to feel the direction, depth and amount of force being delivered.

Eventually this will lead the practitioner to having the skill to perform the Delayed Death Touch.

Sensitivity is the most important basic developmental skill necessary in order to develop this kind of ability.

Healing Potential of Deadly Skill

So, why was this kind of skill even developed and taught?

The answer is simple.

Even though a practitioner can do harm with this skill the potential healing ability with this skill is equally or more impressive.

Utilizing this same set of sensitivity skills you can find aches and pains that have been caused by trauma and remove them.

This is done by utilizing the same set of skills that can be used to cause so much harm.

It is the practitioner who determines the application.

The healing potential of the correct application of these skills is impressively amazing and more than worth the time and effort.

Of course it is also nice to be able to defend one self and Clear’s Combat Tai Chi definitely delivers on this ability.

Our Clear’s Tai Chi program allows for the real development of both self defense and healing ability through the same training methods.

Finding These Skills

The trick to gaining real skill in Tai Chi is finding a teacher who will really teach the skills.

It is our belief that it is time for these high level skills to be made available to those who really want to study them and to that end Clear’s Tai Chi has put together a serious program that delivers both the self defense and the health and healing aspects of the art.

The healing potential of the correct application of these skills is impressively amazing and more than worth the time and effort.

One last point.

There are different kinds of Delayed Death Touches including but not limited to poison hand strikes and vibrating palm strikes.

I have personally energetically removed the damage and healed several folks who have been hit with a Delayed Death Touch by other Masters.

Some of these folks were hit on purpose and some of them were hit by accident when their teacher hit them with a little more than was intended.

The energy was still inside the student because the various teachers were either not interested or in one case was not extremely skilled at removing the damage.

The master had learned a lot about how to cause harm but was not very interested in fixing it.

This is unfortunate.

It is our organizational goal to help folks who want to develop the real high level skills for the right reasons specifically including (but not limited to) the healing abilities and self defense.

If you have received a Dim Mak strike and need to have it removed then make arrangements to meet with the author for a private healing session.

I thank my many teachers and my creator for the training I have received in these internal Tai Chi methods as I have gained a great amount of personal health benefits from them including but not limited to the internal Tai Chi sensitivity, steel wrapped in cotton, Death Touch and Internal Healing training methods.

I am very honored to be exposing these heretofore secret training methods to the Tai Chi community in the West as I personally believe that in this day and time folks are ready for the real internal teachings that form the basis of high level Tai Chi.

And if you want to learn basic level Fa Jin and even Dim Mak skills- I’m making them available in The Practical Guide to Internal Power.


This course will give you the foundation you need to for real internal power skills- not just a long winded story about what the skills are.

If you want these skills- and you want actual results- you can find them here:

Now, one final note before I leave- and a question you might be asking…

Why am I willing to teach these skills if they’re so dangerous?

The truth is- because its a lot of work.

Yes, there are people out there who are going to do bad things-

But why would they spend years training to have such deadly skills… when they could much more easily buy a knife, or a gun?

There was a time when this kind of reservation was appropriate.

But that time is gone- and these skills are disappearing.

And I want to keep the arts alive.


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