Tai Chi Energy Healing

Tai Chi Energy Healing involves a few different aspects of Tai Chi training. First, specific postures have different health effects on the body and can be used to facilitate different energy flows in the acupuncture meridians. Secondly, when you work a proper Tai Chi set it will flow the energy through the acupuncture meridians from beginning to end in a specific pattern that is designed to give you healing benefits equivalent to an entire body energy overhaul. Thirdly, when you work on specific jing expressions you can manipulate your internal energy state causing your body to respond to your mental direction and willpower which can bring about profound changes in your body state, health and life.

One aspect of proper Tai Chi posture is what is known as the vertical axis. Essentially this refers to the idea that the spine is very straight and that everything in the body moves around this area. This involves spinal alignments and movements that are very healthy for the body as a whole. It has been my finding that most folks (even many Tai Chi instructors) have a lot of mis-alignments and kinks in their back and body structure. These alignments are easily adjusted and corrected by a knowledgeable teacher. Sigung Clear is a teacher who has and applies this knowledge. We begin with the 10 major points of the Wu Chi posture and make corrections and adjustments as necessary.

When you work a proper Tai Chi set your personal body Chi energy flows through the acupuncture meridians. Your energy starts to move in a point known as Kidney 1 (Yong Quan) then cycles through the entire meridian system and at the end of the set is cycled back out through kidney 1. By cycling your energy through the meridians you essentially expand the pathways and energetically cleanse your body including the lymphatic and circulatory systems. It is as if you have given yourself an internal massage.

Many basic aches and pains such as tension headaches can be caused by specific internal body and energy states. One of the things that real Tai Chi training specifically does is to help the practitioner train various body and energy states so that the individual can choose to change their state and thereby affect their overall health and well being. One of the most common ways to do this is through the practice of jing. Jing is the expression of energy as it is directed by the mind.

There are many different types of jing. One type of jing is the one that most people appear to be practicing when performing Tai Chi. The Tai Chi practitioner appears to be very light and floating in their movements. This type of jing is purposefully meant to help the practitioner to relax and let go of unwanted tension and stress. Another type of jing is heavy body type jing usually referred to as rooting or dropping weight. This is an excellent jing for someone who feels like they cannot focus and center themselves as it will help the person do just that. There are approximately 36 different types of jing. Each jing has specific heath benefits and other uses as well.

The ability to rapidly change state is very useful to the busy person who has a lot of responsibilities. When a busy person can not change modes quickly it can cause a lot of unwanted stress. Tai Chi is a very good method for helping to train to quickly change and adjust to changes in state. Tai Chi is an excellent stress relief method including helping you to cut off stress before it can begin.

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