Tai Chi Grappling

Tai Chi Grappling consists of

  1. Chi Na / Qi Na seizing and holds
    • nerves
    • tendons
    • pressure points & meridians
    • airways
    • muscles
    • veins
  2. Locks
  3. Throws
  4. Breaks
  5. Counter Locks
  6. Evasions
  7. Escapes
  8. Counter throws
  9. Rotations

At any decent level of skill in Tai Chi the Tai Chi Grappling arts are considered an essential part of the Dim Mak arsenal. Tai Chi Grappling is simply another tool that makes it so that once contact is made the Tai Chi practitioner can economize their motion and work from wherever they are and not need to gain a different contact point or position on the opponent.

An essential part of the Tai Chi Grappling arts is the Tai Chi counter grappling methods. Locking, seizing and throwing are very well known skills to most Chinese martial art practitioners and Tai Chi Chuan would not be considered a real martial art without them.

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