Tai Chi Heavy Hands

Weight Distribution & Transfer

Say you weigh 150lbs. That weight is contained withing you. If I take a sack of something heavy like sand that weighs 150 lbs and throw it at someone even if they catch it they’ll either fall or get knocked over.

So if I weigh 150lbs (and I’m actually more like 170) and I know how to use all of that weight when I hit or touch someone then the same effect will occur even though I don’t put any effort in it other than getting the weight to transfer.

If I touch or hit with that weight with a little bit of speed the effects can be devastating. Most people would not want to get hit with a bowling ball at any speed and a bowling ball only weighs about 16lbs. Now imagine getting hit ANYWHERE with 150lb bowling ball.

Health benefits

Relaxation is a major part of learning to manipulate the distribution of weight withing your own body. This has many health benefits. excess tension causes headaches, it can raise blood pressure and even cause heart attacks. Tai Chi reduces the risk of all these problems by teaching you how to control the tension in your body and use it only when where and how you need to.

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