Tai Chi Internal Damage

One of the reasons Tai Chi is such an effective combat art is it’s ability to do severe internal damage with very little effort.

Tai Chi internal damage occurs with just a (seemingly) light touch.  Tai Chi can:

  • shatter bones – including major arm and leg bones
  • defibrillate and stop a heart
  • rupture eyeballs, testicles and internal organs
  • and more.


Tai Chi Internal damage may seem like magic or a trick but it’s not. It’s something that anyone can learn.

The key to Tai Chi internal damage is energy transfer. How to integrate your entire bodyweight and concentrate that force into a specific area and how to do so with very little physical effort.

This is what allows a 100-pound 80-year-old man to toss someone around who is a quarter of their age and twice their size.

Another key aspect of Tai Chi internal damage is that the movement must be very soft and fluid. Excess tension and the use of muscular force actually limit your ability to do severe internal damage with Tai Chi.

One of the common misconceptions even among some Tai Chi practitioners is that the slow, “flimsy” and loose way that you see Tai Chi done is only for practicing the health side.

The reality is that the slow, fluid, relaxed method is essential to developing real power and the ability to deliver Tai Chi internal damage.

Unlike many martial arts where someone in their 40’s and 50’s is considered past their prime, Tai Chi is designed to be an effective combat art for people well up into their 80’s and 90’s. This is another reason why “soft and relaxed” is so crucial. Soft and fluid is a necessity to generate Tai Chi internal damage and not only is it more effective at delivering power and internal damage, it is the only way someone in their 80’s can deliver power without hurting themselves. It also allows the individual to practice the art on a daily basis without wearing themselves out or causing undue physical stress.


  1. gary days jr says

    I practice chen tai chi, and I have your dvds on hsingi, silat and tai chi. I am learning the true power of the internal though your dvds.

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