Tai Chi Iron Palm Workshop

The first day of our last Combat Tai Chi workshop was focused entirely on Iron Palm, and everyone there had a lot of fun working with this subject.

I’ll post some video clips on Tai Chi Iron Palm as soon as I get a chance to go through some of the footage from the workshop, and you can expect a DVD on the subject later this month.

There are many different methods of Iron Palm and even a number of different Internal Iron Palm methods, but last Friday we focused exclusively on Iron Palm training methods found in Tai Chi and how Tai Chi approaches this subject.

Tai Chi Internal Iron Palm

Sigung Clear Demonstrates a Tai Chi Iron Palm Application

One of the coolest things about Iron Palm training in Tai Chi is that Tai Chi sets are some of the best Iron Palm forms out there. So there’s no need to find and learn a separate Iron Palm form. Once you understand the principles for developing this skill you simply use the Tai Chi set that you already know.

Since we started talking and writing about Tai Chi Iron Palm and Iron Body training we’ve had several folks call or write to us asking how it works. They want to understand how we are able to get results without striking our hands on materials the way external methods are trained.

Internal Iron Palm

Sigung Clear Demonstrates Another Internal Iron Palm Application

Internal Iron Palm

Sigung Clear launches his training partner across the room for safety, but normally all the force of this application would be directed inside an attacker to damage the internal organs instead of moving them.

The simple short answer is that we use our mind intent to stimulate a change in our hands and body instead of using physical trauma they way external methods do.

Click here for Sigung Clear’s answer to this question & to find out how long it takes for this type of training to produce results.

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