Tai Chi Kicks

Tai Chi Kicks quite a bit more than most folks realize. There are moves that are specifically kicks and then there are a lot of moves that have Tai Chi kicks hidden in them.

Tai Chi Kicks begin with the first move in Tai Chi. The first opening move in most traditional Tai Chi forms involves a step out and around that is really designed to intercept an incoming kick. Many of the next moves utilize similar kinds of footwork to move from posture to posture.

White Crane in the majority of forms utilizes a cat stance that is a hidden front snap Tai Chi kick. Although some variations of White Crane involve turning a bit so that along with a front snap kick there is also a sweeping leg action that is readily available.

Play the Pipa or Strum the Lute normally utilizes a seven stars stance which once again is a hidden Tai Chi kick that can be used at any time and typically with very little upper body motion so that the opponent does not realize they are being kicked until it is already to late.

Repulse Monkey steps back in a crushing Tai Chi Kick that scrapes down the front shin of someone standing behind you. The Tai Chi Kick culminates in a crushing of the small bones and tearing of the tendons and ligaments in the upper foot and will quickly drop an opponent to the ground and make it impossible for them to stand on that foot again until they have been treated and or healed.

There is also a horizontal Tai Chi Kick often called a Lotus kick, a Tai Chi Kick that is commonly part of the move called Part The Way and other hidden kicks that are slightly more obvious such as the one in Golden Cock Stands On One Leg.

One of the more surprising aspects of Tai Chi kicks is the amount of specialized footwork that can be found in Tai Chi. One of my teachers once told me that historically in China that Tai Chi was known as the art of the quick feet. I have seen more than one elderly Tai Chi master demonstrate being flung around the room by a willing participant and the Tai Chi master’s feet looked like they were effortlessly running so that they could keep pace with the momentum.

I have not covered nearly all there is to know about Tai Chi Kicks in this article and will do another article on this topic soon.

In the meanwhile please add some of your favorite Tai Chi kicks and leg maneuvers to this post.

Keep up the good training.

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  1. Dan Eidson, DCH, LMT says

    The explosive right angle heel kick, followed by double winds to ear.
    Even though it is called double winds to ears, the bottom parts of the fist can also turn and spin upward rapidly, using the middle knuckles of both fists to strike the temples. Just external power alone would do damage, so imagine what the strikes accomplishes using proper internal energy. Most likely a death blow.
    The palms are turned up by the hips. As they raise drawing up energy like carry the cauldron, then spin in a circle.
    There is also a variation to these moves for two opponents standing next of each other. Heel kick one opponent, followed by a hop, turning the body and striking the second opponent in the ears or temples with spinning fist.
    Correct me if I left anything out with any of this Sifu. Feel free to add anything else that goes along with these techniques that I might have left out or are unaware of.
    The Wu Chi and carry the cauldron you taught me have increased the power of this posture incredibly.
    Shadow Boxing….

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