Tai Chi Whips & Waveform Striking VS Fajing

What is waveform striking ? Is it as powerful as Fajing?

Waveform striking is when you wave your body like a whip.

You see this type of movement constantly in Tai Chi.

  • Sometimes it’s big and obvious.
  • Sometimes its suddenly quick. Explosive like a whip.
  • and other times it’s hidden inside the body. So the power is there without the visible movement.

Silat, Xing Yi, Bagua & Tai Chi all use wave.

Tai Chi in particular exemplifies this. The classics talk about power being generated in the root, directed by the middle and manifested at the ends. (Like a whip.)

In contrast, though Xing Yi uses wave, the classics talk about Xing Yi moving at the end first, followed by the middle and urged by the root. Like a piece of rattan.

(For more on that study ‘Chapter 15: Bamboo Art’ in the Xing Yi program.)

Waveform movement can be very powerful and very sudden.

But how does it compare to Fajing?

Well, one way to do fajing is to use an internal wave that is so small the opponent doesn’t see the movement.

Just make sure it still has all the power of a wave and all the sudden explosiveness of a cracking whip.

Now this is probably not the most powerful type of Fajing but it’s a skill you must have for more advanced versions.

You can learn how to develop and fight with Waves and Whips in Tai Chi Lesson 7 (week 14) of our Internal Combat Arts Course.

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