The 3 Powers Heaven Earth Man

The 3 Powers of Heaven Earth and Man refers to the basic elements required to make Tai Chi and powerful chi energy.  It recently occurred to me that this is also how we are made according to biblical scripture.  God made us of clay and breathed life into us.  Essentially heaven and earth made/make man.

In the Tai Chi yin and yang symbol you have the white that represents heaven and the black that represents earth.  They come together and mix inside of the circle.  This mixing is why the S curve exists in the yin yang symbol.  The S represents the mixing action.  This is also why there is a black dot in the white and a white dot in the black section of the yin yang symbol.

In a human being who is standing and practicing Tai Chi the basic idea is to let the body weight drop into the ground and for the upper body to be suspended by a string and pulled up lightly.  Properly practiced the lower body is heavy and sunk and the upper body is flowing and light.  Everything is relaxed.  The change of state in the body happens in the middle of the body and depending on the movement will be slightly variating on a sideways “S” shape.  The mixing of light and heavy is happening in the center and when someone pushes the upper body even though it is light the entire body weight can be accessed and transferred through the contact point or through a touch.  The result of this is that it is easy for the Tai Chi practitioner to launch the other person at the point of contact while the other person feels very little because they can not get past the feeling of lightness that they experience.

The Heaven Earth Man aspect of training is not to be overlooked.  The benefits and results of the training are profound.  Please post questions etc and I will be happy to elaborate more on this topic.

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