The all too common error 20 year Tai Chi players make

Over the last few years as we’ve started traveling more and doing more workshops we keep seeing this problem over and over.

And it’s not just Tai Chi players. Bagua and Xing Yi folks make this same mistake too.

The problem is the lower back.

There are a number of reasons for lower back errors:

* Too much sitting. (in front of PC’s, in cars, etc..)

* Poor instruction.

Follow the leader type instruction will never correct this problem.

* Not enough correction.

Form work or standing practice without constant correction and feedback from a teacher or training partner will only make the problem worse.

* Intentional misdirection

I’ve even seen stuff where this error is intentionally built into the training method so the students power will always be limited and easy for the teacher to negate.

Folks who don’t fix this problem will never be able to generate the power they’re after…

And they’ll wreck their lower back.

Our favorite method for correcting this problem is taught on the Internal Power video.

It teaches the Clear Internal Push Hands method and a bunch of drills & games to help you focus on specific aspects of the training method.

This method gives you the direct feedback you need to correct the lower back…

As well as any other structural issues, alignment errors, body state problems and it builds a lot of other usefull skills as well.

Go check out that DVD here:

…and pay close attention to your lower back in all of your training. It’s probably not as correct as you think it is.

Take Care,
Ben Sterling

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  1. Stephen Schuster says

    I can see Sifu Clear is legit but does he and/or his students actually believe Adam Mizner is anything but a charlatan. Tell me it isn’t so! Noooooo!

    Schu Sifu 25 plus years Tai Chi and pretty damned good at push hands and the fighting aspect. Would love to touch hands with Sifu Clear for fun and in respect and Mizner to take him down a notch.

    • Hello Stephen,
      We will not speak ill of other teachers, but we will state facts as honestly as possible.

      Everyone who has EVER attended a Mizner workshop before coming to a Clear Tai Chi event has reported that they got more before lunch on the first day at our workshops than they did in the entire week Adam was teaching.

      When Adam and his senior students visited our school, none of his people could push a single one of the Clear Tai Chi students. He was paid to teach a three day workshop, but he left on the first night and took all his students with him. He called from the road the next day to inform us they would not be returning.

      I will add that (to our knowledge) NOBODY who trained under Adam Mizner has EVER touched with ANY certified Clear Tai Chi student and succeeded. There are a few folks in Adam’s organization who had skill before they met him, but it does not seem that any of them have progressed at all since adopting him as their teacher.

      We wish you much luck in touching hands with Adam. He has historically refused all challenges and has actually cancelled workshops (issuing refunds) to avoid the mere possibility of being in the same room with skilled players.

      Sifu Clear, in contrast, LOVES to touch, and he is not at all shy! I hope we get to see you out some time, so you can “Feel the Energy” for yourself!

  2. Stephen Schuster says

    I have been asked by my students for many years to do instructional videos. I always tell them no, its not my thing. I then add there are talented Sifus like Sifu Clear that absolutely nail it! Why repeat it? You have affirmed my love for your/his videos, style and knowledge. Much respect! I will continue to tell my students to check him out if they need an online fix. It gets them thinking and then I can show them hands on what he means. Often a parent can tell a child a thing but it’s not until another parent says it that it finally gets through to them. If his ears are ever burning it is because good things are being said about him by me here in San Antonio. Best wishes!

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