The Danger of Acupuncture

There are many types of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM.) The healing method I wrote about yesterday is what’s known as a Fa Kung (emitting work) method.

It specializes in releasing and focusing energy to another person for the purpose of helping them to heal or repair an injury or illness.

Most emission training available today is taught in acupuncture schools. It involves the acupuncturist focusing their energy through the needles and into the patient.

However, I have spoken with many acupuncturists and find that most do not utilize qi emission in their practice.

The reason is that most acupuncturists are taught to build, focus and transmit their own physical energy into the patient.

This is dangerous.

If the acupuncturist continues to treat patients without replenishing their qi they become quite ill.

The problem is that running even a small practice requires hours of qigong everyday to replenish this loss. Money, family and time constraints tend not to allow the practitioner enough time to replenish their energy.

Fortunately, this is not the only way to do Fa Kung.

The Fa Kung method in my energy healing course is actually healthy for you. It is practiced a bit differently and does not use your personal store of energy.

First you connect to the ambient universal energy and then focus and emit it like a fire hose hooked up to a fire hydrant instead of just a 10 gallon tank.

The result is that the practitioner gets healthier as the energy passes through them while doing the healing work.

Since I began teaching this method 20 years ago, I’ve taught a lot of acupuncturists and energy healers of various types who have used this method into their work. Not only do they report a significant increase in the results of their clients, they also enjoy large improvements to their own health and well being.

At the end of April I will teach this method in an intensive 3 day workshop.

This workshop is appropriate for all levels of experience.

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If you can’t make the live training, watch for the our Fa Kung Healing Package DVD sale March 15 – 17.

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Richard Clear

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