The Purpose and Strategy of Tai Chi

tai-chi-fighting-4Tai Chi Chuan provides highly effective self defense for a practitioner of almost any age.

It is designed so that someone in their 80’s or 90’s can still train the art and use it effectively against younger, stronger & faster attackers.

To make this possible the training methods of Tai Chi build health & vitality. While it’s fighting methods do not put undue stress on the body.

The primary strategy of Tai Chi is to slip, neutralize, dissolve the center and ‘disappear’ so that the opponent cannot land a technique or do damage. It then takes advantage of the opponents errors & weaknesses to do fight ending damage with little to no effort.

So What?

This may be a simple definition.

…but it’s a good measuring stick to keep your training focused and efficient.

Training Methods:

This means that training methods you won’t be able to do when you’re 90 are either temporary…

…you need to get the specific skill from it and the move on… …or it’s not Tai Chi.

Watch out for things that keep you fit in the short term but will cause wear and tear or injury after 30 – 40 years of practicing them.

Fighting methods:

Ask yourself 2 questions:
– Will this work against a 25 year old athlete when I’m 80?
– If I use this technique or method when I’m 90 could injure myself?

There are many fighting methods that we can use effectively when we’re older. But if you’re likely to win and still end up in the hospital because it put too much stress on your body, it’s probably not Tai Chi.

The Importance of Softness

This is why Tai Chi emphasizes softness so much.

Softness gives you the ability to neutralize the opponents attacks and counter with devastating power all while putting very little stress on your own body.

Learning to fight with softness can be difficult.

When someone is throwing a punch at your head it’s very easy to tense up or respond with power.

That’s why Sigung Clear has carefully designed a step by step course that will get you up to fighting speed with Tai Chi as efficiently as possible.

Our program “Freestyle Fighting the Tai Chi Way” will teach you exactly how to use this soft effortless fighting method.

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