The secret weapon for lack of sleep …better than caffeine.

I’m exhausted.

But it’s OK. I have a secret weapon.

I was up late trying to get caught up on work and
now I’m about to head down to the school for our
Fa Kung Healing workshop.

I could really use some caffeine.

But then I’d have to keep drinking it all weekend
and caffeine is not very helpful when I’m trying to focus and do a lot of energy work.

And if I don’t sleep I get sick.

Caffeine helps me not sleep but it doesn’t help me not get sick.

Thank god for Bone Marrow Breathing!

This little marrow washing
exercise has saved me many times.

– When it was 1am sunday morning and I was about to drive us from Brunswick GA back home, I used it.

– When I started to catch a cold on Thursday right before our 6hr drive up to the Hall of Fame festivities in Indianapolis, I used it.

– When we drive 9hrs to Peoria (May 18, 19, 20) for a weekend full of workshops I’ll certainly use it.

– When we fly to Albany (June 1, 2, 3) I’ll use it on the plane.

And here in a few minutes I’m going to lay down
in the back hallway of the school and practice Bone
Marrow Breathing for 20 min.

When I’m done I’ll feel like just had about 4 hrs more sleep.

It feels great and it’s great for you.

And if you do what you should…

Get a full nights sleep and then do Marrow Washing on top of that

It will really add a lot of juice to any internal energy work you do.

It’s so important we teach it in several different places:

It’s in the Chi Energy book and the DVD:

And you can learn it from the Internal Iron Body DVD as well:

Go check those out, get plenty of rest
and always work in a little extra time
for Marrow washing.

Have a great weekend!

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