Uncle Bill Family Gathering

FAMILY GATHERING 2009 (part 1)

Uncle Bill at an '08 seminar in TN

Uncle Bill at an '08 seminar in TN

This years Uncle Bill Family Gathering was Excellent! The gathering had about 70 participants. Thank you to Keith and the Denver seniors and many thanks to Uncle Bill and Auntie for putting on such an excellent event. Also, once again Conrad did an excellent job as MC. Did I say excellent enough yet?

Also, thank you to Marcelo and his fiance Rene’ for giving me and Greg (a student of mine who was able to make it to the gathering this year) a place to lay our heads for the first couple of nights and thank you again to Uncle Bill and Aunt Joyce for their hospitality and sleeping quarters for the remainder of the event. It is always pure pleasure to spend quality time w Aunt Joyce and family de Thouars. Alexis is growing up into a fine young lady.

I got to see some old friends that I had not seen in quite awhile and unfortunately missed quite a few old friends who could not make this years Gathering. However, I did get to make quite a few new friends and the friendship and sharing made the event extra special.

I would like to have attended all of the sessions taught by others but I only got to sit in on a few of them. All of the sessions I got to sit in on were excellent and I got to interact with a lot of individuals between and after sessions. Dr Andre taught some nice material on realistic evasion training.

Dr Ray Weathers and I got to interact on Friday night trying some experiments with projecting mental intent both for self defense and healing and I got a personal acupuncture session from him on Monday. Janet Gee brought her high level of enthusiasm to the floor as always. If you have not had a chance to work with her you will be very impressed by her strength and energy. Chad Bailey and I got to speak and work a bit with mind intent as applied in Chinese Medicine and Tai Chi.

At dinner the live Gamelon music was such a treat. I would never have guessed that it was so enjoyable to see it performed live. The demos by so many senior practitioners were high caliber and fun to watch. So many talented people at one venue all at the same time.

To be continued…

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