What is Universal Energy Healing & Chi Kung

Chi literally translates as “energy”.

In the Western world today you easily find naysayers and skeptics regarding chi energy and if a person can actually use chi to heal themselves.

Chi is energy as defined in physics.

This is simple enough in that we know there is energy such as electricity, magnetism, gravity and radiation.  We also know from western medicine that a human body has most of these energies contained within and that they are a vital part of our physical existence.

Kung literally translates as “work” and this term by itself also does not present a problem to the majority of so called skeptics.  It is when you put the two terms together that the debate gets heated.

Chi Kung or “Energy Work” is the practice of an individual manipulating/working with energy.  There have been many fantastic claims made about what can be accomplished with proper training and practice of Chi Kung.

Q. Can a person affect their own health and well being through mind intent and the manipulation of energy?

A. The simple answer is yes.  Does Chi Kung completely cure every malady known to man including broken bones protruding through the skin and allow people to live to be several hundreds of years old?  The simple answer is no.

Normally it is best to get broken bones physically set by an emergency care physician who specializes in such things.   So far I have not found an ancient 200+ old Chi Kung Master or anyone even close.  What I have found are teachers in their 80’s and 90’s that are still very spry and healthy leading very full active lives.

In our culture I see a lot of folks between the ages of 29 and 79 who look like they are many years older than their birth age and who have many physical problems that they have to deal with on a daily basis.

After a few weeks of our Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes students become much more healthy and active and after a few months they often improve to such a degree that they hardly recognize themselves in the mirror.  Of course some of the results are simply due to a change to a more active healthy lifestyle but there is something more.

First of all, a person who has been sedentary for a long period of time or who has arthritis and osteoporosis cannot jump up and down in an aerobics class or start lifting weights without serious pain and potential injury.  Power walking and other such activities are often to much as well.

When a person has an illness or disease there are more factors that need to be addressed by any exercise program.  This includes such things as breathing, stress, physical and mental tension, balance, removing energy blocks and a general sense of well being that can be carried over into daily activities and work.  Tai Chi and Chi Kung allow for this.

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