What is Fa Kung Chi Healing?

fa-kung-chi-healingA. FA KUNG Universal Energy Emission and Transmission is one of the older and more secret schools of Chi Kung.  It includes how to absorb, build, emit and heal with Chi Energy.  This includes sensing, interpreting, balancing & healing specific injuries & illness with chi.

Q. What is the purpose of postures?

Stationary vs Moving

A. Stationary postures are used to train proper physical alignment for correct and complete flow of energy in the body.  Specific stationary postures are also used to focus the energy for specific purposes including increasing and building the energy.  Also, some high level Nei Kung (Internal Energy) methods are practiced while stationary.

Moving Postures are used to help circulate and move energy in specific ways and places including but not limited to storage areas such as the lower dan tien.

Q. How do you know you can really Sense/heal/interpret Chi and it is not just your imagination?

A. I will use an example.  Most people have some amount of arthritis due to general wear and tear and old age.   Energetically arthritis has a very specific sensation.  That sensation is very different from other sensations.  In a blind test, practitioners of Universal Healing Chi Kung can easily tell the difference between arthritis and other conditions such as neuropathy (loss of sensation usually due to poor circulation and loss of nerve conductivity).  The treatment method for these two conditions is also quite different.  Arthritis is treated by drawing off the stress and neuropathy is treated by encouraging chi flow and circulation to the area.


  1. Can Chi healing help anyone who suffers from epilepsy? I dont mean a cure!

  2. There are other energy healing modalities (reiki, Quantum Touch, & more). How does this differ from the others?

    • Matt Holker says

      Hello Daniel,

      The short answer is: it differs in many ways. This method does not require you to touch the person you are working on. Laws on this differ from place to place, but here that is very important because if you touch someone for healing purposes you need a massage license, even if it is understood that you are not giving a massage.

      While we are familiar with many other energy healing methods, we have never seen one that is so easy to learn. We have never seen another method that produces such concrete results so quickly, and we have never seen another method that has the same potential to develop advanced healing skills built into the training. The Fa Kung Healing method in this course has instant feedback built into the system, so you will know right away that it is working. Unlike many other energy healing systems, Fa Kung does not require that the person being worked on believes in the method, or in energy healing at all. With the training on these DVDs it is possible to accurately diagnose and alleviate problems, even with no foreknowledge of the symptoms. While other methods have the potential to only be effective in your head, Fa Kung is based in real world results.

  3. I learned energy healing last year. I began to practice on others and then things in my life began to get sad. I feel like I lost my good fortune, my glow, my light from the inside. I keep wanting to improve my life force but honestly I don’t know what really happened. I just know that I look older, ungrounded, my hips and joints pop now, and I have nightmares sometimes. I haven’t slept well in over a year bc my mind just keeps going as I sleep. I’m so over the energy workers I’ve visited, they all say I’m gifted but honestly the shamanism, praying, energy grounding, etc, etc, just hasnt helped. Any suggestions?
    I’m over it and I can’t believe how far I let things go before I put a stop to how ungrounded I became.

    • Matt Holker says

      I’m so sorry you had that experience. Unfortunately it is not uncommon with many kinds of energy work. Tai Chi is unique in that it sought a safe path first and foremost, from the very beginning. There are specific practices in our Fa Kung method that allow us to bypass the negative effects you have described. The negative effects are all too common in other methods, but fortunately we do know the cause and how to address it. I recommend you check out our Fa Kung program on DVD. That set has all the information and qigong exercises to address the issues you have described.

  4. Does the course help to see energy? Or other senses?

  5. Michael Henderson says

    How does this differ from nei kung practice?
    I am concerned currently with the negative effects of EMF’s and the 5G technology
    which I have been tested as being sensitive to .Will this practice program reinforce and protect me from frequency damage?

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