What is Tai Chi?

What is Tai Chi? Is it a really effective alternative health method? Is it a deadly combat art? Or is it just a bunch of people waving their arms around?

Tai Chi is actually an internal Chinese martial art or “Kung Fu.” Kung Fu literally means “work skill” or “a very high level of skill developed through hard work.” Internal just means “inside the body.”

This means that the practice of Tai Chi is the practice of becoming highly skilled at understand and manipulating the internal workings of the body and mind in oneself and in others. By truly understanding and being able to control the inner workings of both the body and mind you can become very healthy and heal much faster than most people. You can also heal others as well as inflict a great deal of damage if you need to defend yourself.

Because Tai Chi is about what happens inside the body you don’t need a lot of moves to learn Tai Chi. Some people spend months or even years learning long sets of 24, 48 or even 108 movements but Tai Chi is about what’s happening inside the body not about how many moves you know. Even a set as short as 8 Moves is plenty for learning Tai Chi and students can begin studying applications, energetics and the internal principles of Tai Chi within weeks or months of beginning their study.

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