Wild Horse Tosses Mane

This is the second Tai Chi form in the Big 8 Move Set. It is shown below the way a beginner should practice it. As you progress in our system the way you perform the set will change based on which internal skills your are practicing.

1. Begin where we left off from the Apparent Opening.

2. Shift your weight to the right leg.

3. Your left hand drops down below your waist and your right hand rises to throat or face height.

4. Step back slightly with your left foot.

5. Begin shifting your weight to the front (left) foot.

6. The hands pass each other the left one rising and the right one falling as you shift your weight to the front foot.

7. Continue shifting your weight to the front foot.

8. Once your weight is on the front foot turn your back foot in until the toes point forward. Your left hand is now at throat height and your right hand is just below your waist as if you placed it on a low table.

Your feet should be a comfortable distance apart. Not too wide, not too narrow, not too far and not to close.

9.  The move now repeats on the other side. Bring your right foot forward.

10. Turn your palms to face each other. Left hand is at face height fingers pointed up. Right hand is at groin height fingers pointed down.

11. Step forward with your right foot. All your weight is still on the left foot.

12. Begin shifting your weight to the front (right) foot.

13. Right hand rises and left hand falls. Palms pass each other.

14. Finish shifting your weight

15. Your are now in the same position as number 8 except on the other side.

16. Repeat the move again

17. Step forward same as #10 but with the right hand up and the left hand down.

18. Step out with the left foot.

19. Begin shifting your weight to the front foot.

20. Continue shifting your weight.

21. Left hand rises and right hand falls as your shift your weight forward.

22. Continue as before.

23. Finish with your left foot forward same as #8. For practice you could continue to repeat the movement on each side as often as you want. In the form we only do the move three times before continuing to Brush Knee.


  1. Wild Horse Tosses Mane looks like ward off? Wild Horse Tosses Mane has the weight on the back leg?

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