Yi or I Mind Intent for Healing

Yi or I means intellectual mind intent.

This essentially means that the mind is used to direct energy and heal in a very precise kind of a way in the same manner that you might pick up a cup and take a drink of tea that you have been drinking while relaxing and taking it easy. You slowly pick up the cup and consider the position of the cup and how you are holding it and then put the edge to your lips and sup a little of the tea and consider how the sensation feels and then drink and swallow the liquid and then slowly put the cup down very deliberately and calmly. This is all done without much in the way of emotion and is performed with what can best be described as contented calmness.

To heal with Yi you first do a mental scan of the person’s body that involves feeling the body state with your mind. This is similar to fine tuning a piano in that on a piano middle C is middle C and has a very definite correct sound and mathematical frequency. The methodology of the healing work is to find and then help the body get back into healthy and correct balance which is a very specific state of being.

In the body this includes using the yi or I mind intent to search for and find any area that is not correct to the natural healthy state of the body. This includes but is not limited to finding such things as blockages, hot spots, cold spots, inappropriate tension, areas that are weak etc.. Once you have found these imbalances then you systematically work to help the individual’s system become balanced by removing blockages and tensions so that their energy can flow and helping inappropriate hot or cold spots to become in balance with the rest of the body energy field temperature. This can also involve such things as holding energy over a weakened area until that area fills with positive energy and becomes stronger again. In terms of internal trauma that has been received this can also mean specifically finding the direction and angle of the trauma and helping it to reverse out of the system.

A skilled energy healing practitioner can use Yi mind intent work to scan the inside of someone and find the imbalances and then mentally make adjustments. Beginners at Chi / Qi Kung healing work use their hands to connect to and to feel and interpret the energy and then use their hands to make adjustments but advanced practitioners are able to focus and use their mind to do all of this. The stronger the Yi / I is then the more profound of a result that can be had in terms of how long it takes and how much improvement and from how far away the healing work can be performed as in the long distance type of healing.


  1. Dan Eidson says

    Not totally convinced this teacher is the REAL DEAL?
    I have been studying Tai Chi and Kung Fu for many years.
    The great thing I like about this teacher is that he is accessible for questions over the phone. He is also a busy man. That said, it is understandable that he may not be able to get back with you immediately every time.
    One thing is for certain–when you buy his videos, he won’t tell you “Adios” and not allow contact any more.
    This guy knows the ancient secrets of Tai Chi, as well as many forms of martial arts. Anyone who has access to him personally on a regular basis can attest to this.
    You are very lucky to have him around as a teacher. As martial artist you already know how hard it is to find a good teacher these days.
    So if you are looking for the “real deal” as far as the secret transmissions are concerned you have found it.
    Good Luck and with lots of Kung Fu practice you just may get what your looking for.

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