Chi Jing & Jing Expression Workshops

Learn the high level skills of Tai Chi

Jing training is the stepping stone to all high level skills in tai chi

You do not have to learn any new moves. All of the Jing workshops are taught using forms you already know.

Topics can include:

  • Fa jing (explosive jing)
  • Silk reeling (chansi jing)
  • Peng Jing
  • Absorbing jing
  • Pulling silk
  • Electrical jing
  • Magnetic jing
  • Heavy/Rooted/Sinking jing (Chen Jing)
  • Ting jing (listening Jing)
  • Empty force (kong jing)
  • Short/Inch or less Jing (Chuen Jing)
  • Unbending Energy
  • Following Jing (Tzo Jing)
  • Neutralizing Jing (Hua Jing)
  • Borrowing Jing (Tzeh Jing)
  • Rolling/Folding Jing (Jen Jing)
  • Spiral Jing (Dzuen Jing)
  • Cold Jing (Nung Jing)
  • Vibrating Jing (Dow So Jing)
  • and more…

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