Dan Tiens

I recently saw a reference to Dan Tiens that refer to them as energy gates.  Dan Tien translates as Field of Elixir, and it is generally thought that it refers to a pool of Chi energy.  I personally consider them to be energy gates and after looking into it I now see that there are a few others who are doing the same.

The Dan Tiens are gateways for body energy to pass from one area of the body to another and from one aspect of the body to another such as from the energy in the body into the physical or from energy into spirit.

There are 3 primary Dan Tiens in the body.  One is the lower dan tien generally considered to be located either a few inches below or around the navel / belly button area.  The upper dan tien sometimes referred to as the 3rd eye that is located between the eyes and just a little up on the forehead and the middle dan tien which is basically in the center of the chest where most people think of their heart as being located.

Each of the Dan Tiens have certain functions associated with them and are considered to be specific energy or spirit gateways.  For instance the lower dan tien is thought of as containing the physical body chi energy and in many schools of thought is considered to be the center of gravity in the body.  The middle dan tien is thought of as being the emotional center and the upper dan tien is thought of as the spiritual gate for the spirit and minds eye to see into spirit and spiritual matters and for the practitioners spirit to move in and out of their body / mind such as in astral travel.

Intention can be focused through each of the dan tiens.  The lower dan tien can be used to focus physical chi energy.  The middle dan tien can be used to focus emotional energy or shen and the upper dan tien can be used to focus i or Yi intellectual mind intent and spirit.  A more advanced practitioner can also focus these different energies, mind intents etc through other body parts such as through the hands.

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