Upper Dan Tien

The upper dan tien is sometimes referred to as the 3rd eye that is located between the eyes and just a little up on the forehead.

The upper dan tien is thought of as the spiritual gate for the spirit and minds eye to see into spirit and spiritual matters and for the practitioners spirit to move in and out of their body / mind such as in astral travel. It is also considered to be the spot from which Yi or I is generally issued.

When performing mind projection healing I actually look through the Upper Dan Tien and into the person I am working with / on to see what the health or energetic problem is or looks like and often once I see it I can mentally manipulate the energy through Upper Dan Tien.

When I am practicing push hands I will feel the person’s root depth with my body and my Upper Dan Tien will be able to perceive where their mind intent is at, what it is doing and where they are intending for it to go. I am giving you a first hand knowledge of this as I wasn’t so much taught it as I have learned it through experience.

If you see Chi / Qi then you are almost certainly seeing it with your Upper Dan Tien. If you feel the emotion then you are most likely perceiving it with your middle dan tien and if you perceive the power, size and strength by feel then you are probably feeling it with your lower dan tien.


  1. Laoshi Moses says

    Very Interesting.Cross reference it with the teachings by Dr.Yang,Jwing-Ming titled Qi-gong for health and martial arts.This manual dicusses the small,and Grand circulations through the points and dantiens..Comments??

  2. Nice post sigung – there are not many people out there offering such simple and clear info regarding dantiens.

    I recently did some dantien breathing and took in a big chunk of chi into upper dantien – i extended my 3rd eye tube into my abdomen and my whole self popped straight in there.

    I was infront of a glowing solar disk with black vapour issuing from it – the black vapour surged and burst out of dantien – circling around in the abdominal cavity.

    I then saw yin and yang energies batlling in a spin like a sparkler and all was illuminated. I saw this yin/yang sparkler then career throughout my internal channels.

    I could also see “dark matter”, a large fire in lower abdominal wall.


  3. Mike Williams says

    I agree with the above comment, this is an incredible clear and sustinct description of what I am on the quest to learn.

    I guess I need more experience through practice to progress towards the goal.

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