What is the purpose of Middle Dantian development?

Q. Sifu Richard, what is the purpose of joining the upper dantian and the lower dantian energy in the middle dantian, is that specific purpose in MA application specially in Taichi?. In general what is the purpose of Middle Dantian development?.

A. Thank you for your question.

The individual makes the connection to heaven and earth energy with the upper and lower dan tien respectively.

With this 3 powers connection and alignment practice, the mixture of the heaven and earth energy automatically happens in the middle dan tien. You do not have to do anything other than connect to Heaven and Earth to make this happen.

Before the energy mixes in the middle dan tien it is still heaven and earth energy. After the energy mixes in the middle dan tien then it is no longer heaven or earth energy and the energy becomes yours.

This is in the same way that food you intake is not yours at first. Only after food is digested and enters your circulatory system and then becomes part of your body does it become your energy.

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  1. Laoshi Moses says

    Is this the purpose of the Grand circulation?To combine heaven,earth,nutritional,and inherited energies in to one?

    • Sigung Clear says

      Yes, also to internally connect the entire body together as one piece. Most people have an internal separation between their upper and lower body. Connecting these two is one of the first steps in real internal energy practice.
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      Sigung Clear

  2. Hi. Just thought you should know you Tai Chi symbol is upside down. Yang descends to earth and Yin gets pushed back upwards. Peace.

    • Thank you Kelvin we appreciate the input. However the orientation of our version is intentional.

      Keep in mind that the Tai Chi symbol is a static two dimensional representation of something that is both 3 dimensional and constantly moving & changing.

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