Dian Xue (Dim Hsueh) Delayed Death Touch

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How Delayed Death Touch Strikes Work

Last but not least is Dian Xue Delayed Death Strikes. Dian Xue Delayed Death Strikes can be caused different ways including directing the force with your mind so that the effect of the strike is continuous causing the damage over a period of time.

A concussion that causes bleeding and pressure on the brain is the kind of injury that most people are familiar with as some very famous individuals have died as a result of head trauma accidents where this kind of injury was the cause of death. The car accident law firm in Riverside has lawyers that can help with injury related cases.

There are some pressure point methods of Dian Xue that when performed will cause issues that will become serious only after the passage of a bit more time.

Types of Delayed Death Touch Strikes

If one of the valves on the intestines is struck in a way so that it closes and is damaged in a way so that it will not open then death could eventually occur but it will take as long as several weeks. Of course this would be a rather painful and gross way for someone to die, but I am using it here to show how one type of delayed death touch strike works.

Another comparatively simple kind of Dian Xue is to strike in such a way as to cause a large deep bruise in an artery that can eventually break loose and go to the head or heart causing a stroke or heart attack. In this case death may be a quite pro-longed process.

Another kind of Dian Xue is to literally transfer energy through a strike directed with mind intent so that the energy causes a series of events to occur over a long period of time. In this case the energy can be locked up for quite a long time until the recipient does something that causes the energy to release and travel through the system.

The release could be caused by things such as an endorphin surge in the body, over excitement or nausea like when someone has the flu which tends to purge and weaken the entire body causing an overall energy movement in the body.

Removing Delayed Death Touch Strikes

As I stated in the previous Dim Mak article the advanced study of Dian Xue is the Chinese Medicine aspect of it.

I have personally removed a Dim Mak strike from several different individuals who had been struck by a master of the Chinese art of Dian Xue. At least two of the individuals were struck on purpose.

One of the individuals was struck on accident. The master meant to teach them a lesson and put in more juice than they intended.

My particular studies in Dian Xue have focused on the medical aspect of it which of course makes my understanding of how to execute such strikes that much better but also better fits with my goals of being an advanced martial artist who helps people to improve their health and lives physically, mentally and spiritually.


  1. Luis, Rodriguez says

    Which books, or any otrer methods you recomend to learn dian xue? Thanks for any info. Blessings.

    • Matt Holker says

      The Delayed Death Touch is a very high level skill that requires a great deal of martial education, sensitivity, and practice. The training for this will involve years of study and practice across a variety of disciplines and martial skills. This is unavoidable, and the knowledge required for the Delayed Death Touch will not be conveyed through a book.

      We find that most people pursuing the Delayed Death Touch, upon reflection, realize that this tool would be inappropriate for their needs. (The INSTANT Death Touch being much more useful for real life-and-death self-defense…)

      That said, if you want to pursue EITHER skill, whether Instant or Delayed death touches, I recommend you start with our Touch Knockout program. Once you can deliver Knockout Force with a touch, the next level is only a matter of aiming and expressing that force properly. Once you graduate from the Touch KO program, if you still want that Delayed Death Touch we can get you there in another step or two, but if you can’t transfer force off of a touch then you can’t kill with a touch either.

      Please let us know how the training goes for you, and if you have any questions along the way please email us! We are always happy to help our students, near and far!

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