Tai Chi Body States

[This is an abbreviated transcript of the video on the right. The third part in a video series on the skills you will learn, and some things you should know about in our new Combat Tai Chi program]

The Exclusive Ultra-Secrets of Real Extreme Hardcore Combat Tai Chi – Part 3

Basic Fa Jing is reasonably simple, but high level Fa Jing requires a good bit of knowledge including being able to feel what is happening deep inside your own body and deep inside the body of someone else.

This includes understanding how to apply various kinds of geometric force and leverage as well as how to rapidly change from one kind of physical state to another.

For example in the Tai Chi we have this very floaty soft state and it has some very specific kinds of uses and also you would think that that one wouldn’t be one you could really do fajing from.

I’m here trying to push him with some force, and then I go to this soft version and it still has, it has a different quality. And so because he was ready for the state I was in, here working, still fluid, still strong in a different kind of way, and then went vary soft. The softness was then able to penetrate.

By the same token I could be soft and then go to very heavy, and it’s got a different quality again. So he was ready for soft that time and when it went to the heavy…

and the same could be true on the flip side it could be very heavy and then you could go to one of the other states

and so state changes is one of the ways, not the only way by a long shot, but it can be very effective especially as you learn different kinds of states.

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