3 Types of Fa Jing

[This is an abbreviated transcript of the video on the right. The second part in a video series on the skills you will learn, and some things you should know about in our new Combat Tai Chi program]

The Exclusive Ultra-Secrets of Real Extreme Hardcore Combat Tai Chi – Part 2

This is about regular Tai chi if it’s done fully and combat tai chi absolutely.

Tai Chi is about body energy states, structure (body shape) and mind intent.

When you read the tai chi classics you read about some concepts and principles and I’ll elaborate on some of them here.

Let’s start with fa jing which is explosive energy. There are different kinds, and directions and expressions of fajing for example:

  1. There’s fajing from compression,
  2. Fajing using gravity
  3. Fajing from a change in body state

(there are many other types of fajing as well. these are just a few examples)

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