7 Basic Steps of Clear Internal Push Hands

I recommend that anyone reading this post on Clear Internal Push Hands first read the previous post and watch the video on the right.

Once you have read the previous post and seen the video and worked on some of what is being shown then I recommend you read and step by step put into practice what I am listing here.

  1. Both People Place Both Hands Below the Neck and Above the Waist
  2. Relax and Sink your Root/Energy
  3. Try to Feel the Other Person’s Root/Energy
  4. Slowly Push -When you think you have found their root/energy -If you are correct they will either easily move or they will have to adjust their position and change their root/energy so that they are not easily moved
  5. Keep your Root/Energy Down and Hidden so that the other person can not find it
  6. If the other person finds your root/energy then try to adjust (sink more and let the body turn a little) so that they can not move you – Use the Ahhhhhhh Method
  7. Continue to Play this game until you can easily hide your root/energy so well that an opponent can not find it and until you can easily find someone’s root/energy

The next post on Internal Push Hands will be a list of the training stages from beginning to quite advanced.


  1. What is the Ahhhhhhh method?

  2. Interesting ads and videos. However, I doubt that we can learn the Internal Martial arts from videos! We need a real live instructor, a master, to guide us. Than, we can get the feeling of the correct technique!

    • There are many ways to get the feeling of the correct technique.

      Working with a live master is certainly a good one.

      However, we’ve found that our students can develop skill very effectively through audio, video & the written word.

      (and of course, lots and lots of hard work.)

  3. I had a Wu style teacher many years ago who used a practice method like this but no explanation and I never understood it. Now I want to say AAhhh-Haaa!

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