How do you build internal skill?

Students practice push hands at the 2015 Clear's Internal Push Hands Instructor Workshop

Students practice push hands at the 2015 Clear Internal Push Hands Instructor Workshop

First you have to figure out what “internal skill” means.

By comparison, the external martial arts are easy to figure out. You practice the forms, you do drills and exercises, you build up your muscles, your stamina, and your reflexes.

It’s easy to figure out because it is intuitive. Bigger, stronger, faster guys should make better fighters. It’s just natural.

The Internal Arts can seem almost mystical by comparison. If you don’t know what you’re after, “internal skill” might as well be another way of saying “martial arts magic.”

It comes across as if you just need to feel a certain way, and suddenly you are imbued with extraordinary power…

…And in a sense, that isn’t wrong.

But unless you know which feelings are effective and which ones aren’t, you’ll never build any internal skill.

So how can you tell what’s effective?

That part is actually pretty simple. You need feedback.

The way Tai Chi gets that kind of feedback is with Push Hands.

There are many kinds of Push Hands games that are each designed to develop different skills. The most common variety is best played using internal power, but it still allows for a lot of external movement.

There is another style of Push Hands that minimizes external play in order to focus on internal development. It is appropriately called Internal Push Hands, and it is the fastest way to build real internal skill.

Internal Push Hands has mostly been a closed door, secret training method of a select few high-level Tai Chi disciples.

Fortunately, while studying from Masters in Shanghai, Sigung Richard Clear learned the secret.

Since then he has spent over 20 years developing and refining the techniques to streamline the results.

Until recently, the only way to get this instruction was with live personal training with Sigung Clear or one of his students.

All that is about to change.

After years of hard work and experimentation, Sigung Clear has been able to put the Internal Push Hands method into an easy to learn format for our long-distance students.
Even better, he is blowing open the “closed doors” of the Tai Chi world by making this an Instructor Certification course.

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Anyone who knows Richard understands that he is completely committed to fueling a Tai Chi revolution. He believes that Clear Internal Push Hands will play a vital role in making that happen.

With that in mind, this program was designed from the ground up to deliver high-level internal skill quickly.

The course covers both healing uses and martial applications of internal energy. The training is thorough and extensive, and like everything else Richard teaches it is easy to understand.

Even if you’ve had little or no previous training in the Internal Arts, this package will help you build internal power quickly and easily. If you’re already an experienced player, Clear Internal Push Hands will take you to a much higher level of play in a very short time.

This comprehensive course is available now.

Go check out all the details here:

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