Internal Push Hands Training Progression

Included in this post is a long term training progression for Clear Tai Chi Internal Push Hands method.

I am sure to some folks that much of what I am listing will seem unbelievable.  In the last year I have demonstrated most of these Internal Push Hands skills to non-students on non-students without telling them what I was going to do beforehand and with them having no prior knowledge of me.

I have demonstrated all of these Internal Push Hands skills at one time or another to all of my close students.  I have one student who is able to do most of what I am listing here and a lot of my regular students have experienced it from him at one time or another.

Please make arrangements to visit if you would like to see these Internal Push Hands skills for yourself.  I have nothing to hide and will openly share.  These skills take a lot of work and time to build and so far I have not found any tricks or short cuts.  As a result I am not worried about hiding it and if you can debunk it somehow and show me a shortcut that actually imparts the skill and ability that I have then I am more than happy to pay you for the privilege.

I try to approach all of my studies with a critical and skeptical mind.  Over the years I have disregarded a lot of material and focused my efforts on what really works and gets results.  For me it has to work even when the person I am doing it to does not believe it at all and is trying to circumvent it.  After all what good is it if it does not work in the real world.  I do teach for a living and so at the point where it becomes instruction to you as opposed to a demonstration or simple comparison of some kind I do humbly request to get paid for my services.

Clear Internal Push Hands
Training Progression

  1. Listen for Partners Heart Beat
  2. Feel Partners Energy Sink & Move Inside their Body
  3. Sink your own Energy by dissolving
  4. Sink & Dissolve while you push
  5. Feel opponents root depth, blockages and stiffness
  6. Troubleshoot partners lack of depth, blockages & stiffness
  7. Dropping the Root Deeper Game
  8. Must be able to quickly drop your root lower than their root with ease
  9. Try Different Hand Positions
    • 1st  (Strongest) Position should be under armpit
    • Hands on waist
    • One hand on waist & one under armpit
    • One hand on waist & one on shoulder
    • Hands on shoulders
    • Hands on elbows
    • Hands on forearms
    • Hands on back
    • Any Position while stronger but lesser skilled opponent has a stronger position
  10. Use 4 oz. to Move 1000 pounds
  11. Must be able to sense opponents root depth by placing a hand on them
  12. Sense when opponent is about to push and slowly push them first so that their push is negated because their intention and energy is cut off
  13. Must be able to feel the direction of the opponent’s body energy through contact with their arm
  14. Must be able to quickly tell where stiffness or root imbalance is in subject’s body by sight
  15. Must be able to tell the difference between an opponents physical energy and mind intent
  16. Must be able to basically manipulate an opponents internal energy with your mind
  17. Must be able to block the opponents mind intent
  18. Must be able to move a beginning player without having to make physical contact with them.   (Empty Force)
  19. Must be able to heal by feeling through physical contact utilizing the internal sensitivity
  20. Must be able to heal by feeling & utilizing the internal sensitivity without any physical contact
  21. By the time you reach this level you should be able to perform a nice level of Fa Jing whereby you physically move very little but they move as if you hit them hard and fast.
  22. More and Higher Levels


  1. Over 20 years of Taiji practice and seminars with famous Masters, I’ve NEVER had clarification and immediate results like I have with your methods.
    Your plain English explanation of some classic concepts is invaluable. Thank you so much!

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