Mysterious Tai Chi Power

Mysterious Tai Chi PowerLike most things, the power of Tai Chi is only mysterious when you don’t know the mechanics behind it.

Of course, if you want to develop internal power and be able to use it you have to demystify it and understand how it works.

There are 2 primary obstacles to understanding the power of Tai Chi.

First, there are many different ways Tai Chi generates power. In application and in demos they’re often mixed together and used in combination. You’ll need to define them and isolate them so that you can study them piece by piece.

The second difficulty is that the power is generated from subtle adjustments inside the body. It can be very hard to see or feel what’s happening well enough to even begin learning the skill.

The fastest way to overcome these obstacles that we know if is our Internal Push Hands.

The basics are taught in the Practical Guide to Internal Power.

…and in our intro to Internal Push Hands:

These will build your ability to feel minute changes inside someone else so you can determine what their power is coming from.

…and how to feel inside yourself so you can make corrections and build skill faster.

You’ll also learn some basic ways to generate internal power.

So, make sure you do some push hands today.

There is a whole lot of really cool stuff that comes from this if you’ve put in enough work on these fundamentals.

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