Push Hands VS Tai Chi Nei Kung

Tai Chi is unique in martial arts in that it builds energy.

Now I know what you’re thinking,

“but all the internal arts build energy.”

…and they do, sort of.

At least they do in training.

Take Xing Yi for example,

While training you spend a lot of time building energy with Qigong and Neikung aspects of the art.

…but then when you fight you expend a lot of energy.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In Xing Yi’s case this is a very powerful and highly effective strategy.

However, as you get older this expenditure of energy becomes a problem, and if you look at older Xing Yi & Yiquan masters you’ll typically see them cutting back on the ferociousness and refining the internal to minimize this energy expenditure.

Bagua can do this as well, though it tends more towards moving and changing energy when it fights more than expending it.

Tai Chi takes this further.

…because the primary purpose of Tai Chi is to be effective in advanced age.

So in Tai Chi the goal isn’t just to conserve energy.

The goal is to build energy.

Even when fighting, your alignments, internal principles, nei kung, etc. should all be correctly working for you to build energy. The same way they do in training.

Now here’s where most people get tripped up:

If you’re going to make this happen correctly under the extreme pressure of a life and death situation, then it absolutely must be happening in ALL your training practices.
Even in Push Hands.

A common problem in Tai Chi is that most types of push hands don’t do this automatically.

…and if you’re practicing push hands without the correct nei kung principles happening to build energy the entire time, then your body is learning bad habits that you will have to untrain later.

Clear’s Internal Push Hands is designed to make this happen automatically from day 1.

…any errors are highlighted by the method so you are forced to fix them right away.

And this forced error correction builds the essential foundation to make your other types of push hands, drills, sparring & forms correct.

Here’s Sigung Clear discussing this:


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