Tai Chi Push Hands Fighting Benefits

Here is a list of Tai Chi Push Hands Fighting Benefits:

  1. Creates Iron Body -Ability to Withstand Hits (Only some versions)
  2. Develops the Ability to Feel an Attackers Intent (Learn to Feel the Intent of Incoming Strike)
  3. Develops the Ability to Hide Your Intent
  4. Develops your Ability to Move Much Quicker
  5. Develops your ability to Hit Very Forcefully
  6. Builds your ability to really apply Tai Chi for self defense

* Push Hands is not Self Defense but it builds a lot of attributes that are highly desired for self defense in terms of understanding speed, strength, position, balance, breath, receiving, diminishing and diverting power and mental and emotional states under stress

Other Tai Chi Push Hands Fighting Benefits

  • Develops tremendous Heavier Power striking ability
  • Ability to direct your strikes deep inside the body of others
  • Ability to receive heavy destructive strikes and dissipate them
  • Ability to easily move or position an opponent
  • Learn and Understand various speeds, positions, body types and power
  • Sense/feel what the opponent is doing and quickly respond
  • Better rooting
  • Learn to Sense/feel energy
  • Learning to Move energy

Learning how to achieve deep relaxation while engaging in an active and stressful physical activity

Let me add that the calmness while in motion has saved my life in traffic accidents several times now the last time being less than 2 weeks ago when my car hydroplaned into the middle of an intersection at 35 miles per hour on a road where the speed limit is 50 and there was oncoming traffic.

Also it goes without saying that Of course you really must have a knowledgeable teacher to work with and to put your hands on and feel to get the real understanding.

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