Tai Chi Push Hands for Competition

Tai Chi Push Hands for Competition is a Tai Chi practice whereby two practitioners will make arm or/and body contact in some form and then attempt to push, pull or otherwise unbalance each other. There are many ways to play and many different reasons to play. Some versions of Tai Chi Push Hands are very structured with limited motion and play while other methods are very unstructured. In Tai Chi Push Hands the complexity of play ranges from very simple to quite difficult and complicated to learn.

Often Tai Chi Push Hands for Competition play involves stationary foot positioning. The winner of the Tai Chi push hands contest is the person who can keep their feet in the same place and does not get moved.

There are also stepping and moving versions of push hands and typically the winner and loser are determined by who can unbalance or move the other. The loss is determined by who gets unbalanced or moved in a way that indicates a loss of control.

Some Tai Chi Push Hands play is very competitive and is played in a tournament format. However, more often those who are serious about Tai Chi will play push hands for reasons and benefits other than competition.

At Clear Tai Chi we seldom play Tai Chi Push Hands for Competition and mostly focus on skill development and internal training.

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