Tai Chi Push Hands for Self Defense

Tai Chi Push Hands for Self Defense is a bit of a controversial subject. Let me start by laying any fears you may have to rest by first stating that I do not mean that you should jump into your Push Hands stance or position and then wait for the attacker to get into exactly the right position before using your Tai Chi skills. You should be practicing your Tai Chi form and various ways and methods / positions with your Tai Chi Push Hands so that you can use your skills in any position that you might find yourself in. Please refer back to this post anytime you see me writing about Tai Chi Push Hands for self defense or any Tai Chi fighting applications.

So what do you have to do to learn how to to use Tai Chi Push Hands for Self Defense? You should really be learning the energetics and applications in a very very Freestyle Push Hands kind of way so that you are used to applying your art from and to all kinds of positions. You should also focus on learning and understanding the internal aspects of what is going on. This means at first that you go very very slow and only pick up speed once you have truly gained deep insight and understanding.

By the same token you must take care to make sure that the way you are practicing Tai Chi Push Hands is a method / way that really impart skills. If you are practicing a poor method or without a real specific understanding right up front of how this or that particular Tai Chi Push Hands practice will translate into skill development then I recommend that you gain understanding of what you are after and trying to do first or simply find a more personally constructive aspect of Tai Chi to work on. I tend to approach it like a card game, similar to 아인카지노. I know how to play Go Fish and Crazy Eight and 5 card poker. If I go to play a new game of poker and I do not understand how to play then I certainly will not be putting any money on it and if the rules continually change to my disadvantage or after awhile I can not see any benefit then I stop playing that game and find a game I understand and can derive benefit from. Oh Yeah, just in case you want to know. Go Fish builds your memory. Crazy Eight builds a certain aspect of deductive reasoning flow.

As far as the external application of Tai Chi Push Hands for Self Defense there is a great big difference between an unskilled shove and a proper Tai Chi application of force and direction. You also want to develop internal power in your Tai Chi and learn how to apply that internal power. To do this you must practice with your focus on feeling and learning as opposed to moving or shoving the other guy.

Of course you really must have a knowledgeable teacher to work with and to put your hands on and feel to get the real understanding.

In the next post I will list a number of fighting benefits of Tai Chi Push Hands for Self Defense.

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