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This is the sixth Tai Chi form in the Big 8 Move Set. It is shown below the way a beginner should practice it. As you progress in our system the way you perform the set will change based on which internal skills your are practicing.

1. As you finish Monkey Retreats step back into the last posture.

2. Turn the back foot so the toe points at a 90 degree angle.

3. Shift your weight to the back foot as the right hand rises.

4. Once all your weight is on the right foot turn your body to the right as you turn your left foot so it is parallel with your right one.

5. Your left hand swings down across your body.

6. As your left hand begins to rise your right hand sinks.

7. The arms pass each other when they are booth parallel to the ground.

8. Begin shifting your weight to the left foot as your right hand falls and your left hand rises.

9. Once your weight left foot bring your right foot in so both feet are together.

10. Both hands move across your body to the left as you shift your weight to the left foot.

11. The left hand falls and the right hand rises.

12. Begin shifting your weight back to the right foot.

13. Your hand float to the right as your shift your weight to the right foot.

14. The left hand rises and the right hand falls.

15. Continue rotating the arms and shifting your weight. Your weight should be on the same side of your body as the hands.

16. Rotate your hands for three full rotations.

17. Then when your hands and your weight is on the right side step to your left with the left foot.

18. As you shift your weight to the left foot bring your right foot in.

19. Step to your left a total of three times.

20. Rotate the arms three more times in place.

21. Step back to your right three times.

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  1. Haywood Jablomi says

    Why on Earth do you wear heeled running shoes while doing Tai Chi? That essentially eliminates all purposes of Tai Chi footwork. Go buy some genuine Chinese Feiyues…

    • Tai Chi is not dependent on what type of shoes you have.

      If there is a type of shoe you wear frequently that limits your ability with Tai Chi then you need to train out that limitation ASAP

  2. Hi…is there a big 8 dvd or has it been replaced by the online course? specific to this move….i’m looking to clarify (if possible) that there are a total of 12 rotations (6 standing in place + 6 moving to the left/right) described above?
    3 standing in place at the beginning of the form (#15 – # 16)
    3 while stepping to the left (#19)
    3 more standing in place after having moved to the left (#20)
    3 more stepping back to the right returning to the starting point(#21).
    Many thanks for making this set and the other resources on your site available! Excellent resource not only for distance learning but also this really makes more time available to progress further with a teacher/school in person. Where I am there is reputable instruction available but it is 30 to 60 min away and $20-$25/hour for a class (i.e. not private instruction) In addition to the monetary cost you guys just saved me 2 hours in commuting time daily that I can now spend with my family and/or train wu chi! Here’s to wishing you and yours good health and continued success!

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