Tai Chi Curriculum

Tai Chi Basic Skills Curriculum

Clear Tai Chi curriculum starts with the basic skills and principles needed to quickly learn and understand higher level Tai Chi practices.

The Basic Skills curriculum usually take 3 to 4 months to complete

Clear Tai Chi Basic Skills Include:

  • Clear Tai Chi 8 move set
  • Clear Tai Chi 13 move set
  • Wu Chi
  • The Energy Ball
  • Rooting and Sinking
  • Body Connection
  • Three Dan Tiens linear
  • Bone Marrow Washing
  • Kidney Breathing
  • Tai Chi Walking
  • Breath Coordination with Moves
  • Fluid from beginning to end
  • Electrical Energy Tai Chi Set
  • Rocking on the Feet
  • Floating Connection
  • Gliding
  • Stance Stability (Ma Yueh-Liang Position Check Method)
  • Pendulum Swinging
  • Waving (Seaweed Version)
  • Rehabilitation (old/feeble) Method
  • Under water Version
  • Push Hands Essential Principals
    • Wu No Style Method
    • Soft Uncle Bill version
  • sinking weight from leg to leg
    • Above Ground
    • Under Ground
  • Basic Self Defense Applications

Intermediate to Advanced
Tai Chi Curriculum

The intermediate level Tai Chi curriculum builds upon all of the Basic Skills. Rooting, sinking, body connection, the three dan tiens and more are expanded upon and trained to an intermediate level.

Intermediate to Advanced Tai Chi Curriculum Skills includes:

  • 4oz moves 1000 pounds
  • 3 powers
  • Tai Chi Iron Body (Golden Bell Covered)
  • Tai Chi Iron Palm (Cotton Palm)
  • Building Sensitivity
  • Shackled Jing
  • Listening – Ting Jing
  • Floating Jing
  • Silk Reeling – Jian See Jing
  • Advanced Push Hands Instruction
  • And Much More


  1. I have been studying, practicing, and teaching Tai Chi in New York City since 1978. I ordered your Tai Chi level one set in January and have put in several hours each day working with the information. Frankly, words cannot describe how great this course is. I will be making my second purchase tomorrow. I am forever grateful.

    Jim Green

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