2014 Outside Tai Chi Class

In 2014, Sigung Richard Clear instructed an outside Tai Chi Class for his students.


  1. Robert Payne says

    Are your tai chi forms Yang style or Chen or?

    • Matt Holker says

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for your interest! We primarily teach Forms from the Yang style, but with work with Tai Chi-ers of all styles and lineages. At Clear Tai Chi we specialize in the Internal Power of Tai Chi, which is universal to all Styles of Tai Chi. We have students who primarily study Yang style, Wu style, the OTHER Wu style, Sun style, and of course Chen style (and maybe some others, sorry if I’m leaving anyone out…). Tai Chi teachers and serious students all over the world come to Clear Tai Chi for the hard-to-find yet easy-to-understand Internal Power education that has made us famous over the years.

      Internal Power does not magically fall out of the sky, nor does it come from mindlessly repeating Form for years. Internal Power requires it’s own body of education and training. If you would like to pursue the Internal Power of Tai Chi, I recommend you start by going to TaiChiMadeClear.com

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