Killer Tai Chi – 30 min of bonus footage

Clear Killer Combat Tai Chi Program.

We have added 33 min of additional footage to the “Wu Chi & intro to Combat Tai Chi” DVD.

Here’s a clip

If you have already purchased this dvd just send me an email ( and I’ll give you link where you can download the additional material.

All Tai Chi has: Pressure point striking, Death Blows, and Energy Transfer.

I don’t mean energy in some metaphysical way. I am really talking mostly about shock or whole body weight expressed so that it goes in. This is a modern western physics definition of energy transferred to the other person.

Every Tai Chi move flows in a pattern that is intentionally designed to activate a specific series of pressure points or meridians or to transfer enough energy to the right area in the right way so that the strike or touch will knockout or kill an opponent.


  1. Dan Eidson, DCH, LMT says

    Shock and or whole body weight transfered to a location where there is a group of pressure points and or different pressure points tapped simutaneously? Internal energy tapped to disrupt a series of pressure enough to create unconsciousness or death. I guess “in the right way” is the operative phrase here.

  2. Yes, How you hit is much more important than where you hit.

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