S02E04 – Tai Chi Fighting Method, part 1 – Video

There are many Tai Chi fighting methods, but what is the specific method that we teach at Clear Tai Chi? Find out this week on our weekly podcast. This is part 1 of 2. For more on Clear Tai Chi … [Read more...]

S02E03 – Tai Chi Forms vs Function – Video

Tai Chi, Forms vs Function. Is one form better than another? Is the form all that you need? For more on Clear Tai Chi & Internal Power sign up for our Free Practical Guide to Internal Power: … [Read more...]

S02E02 – Healing Applications of Tai Chi & Ta Chi Jins – Video

We talk about the the healing applications of Tai Chi & Tai Chi Jins. If you just do the forms you are not getting the most benefit out of your Tai Chi. For more on Clear Tai Chi & Internal … [Read more...]