1 Touch Knockouts @ Family Gathering ’09

(continued from “Uncle Bill Family Gathering“)

In my first teaching session I taught on Heavy hands, 1 Touch Knockout hitting and whole body energy transfer.  In my second teaching session at the request of Rex I taught a class on multiple attackers.  My 1 touch KO and  internal power session was very well received by all of the participants and I really enjoyed working with young Zachary (Uncle Bill’s Grandson).  He picked up on the heavy hands and body energy transfer quite well and I am told he successfully tried it out on his dad when he got home.

I got to work and interact personally with Trent Beach and Steve Rollert as well.  Both men are genuinely good guys and Steve really seemed to enjoy the 1 Touch KO session.  Steve is the owner of KeenEdgeKnives.com and is an excellent source for metal training blades of all kinds and I highly recommend his blades and sheathes.

The icing on the cake that topped the weekend off was that I got the privilege of sitting in on a private lesson from Uncle Bill along with Trent Beach from Louisiana, Dr Ray Weathers and Janet Gee. Uncle gave me some of the most pleasurable torture I have had in awhile.  It reminded me that to have great Kung Fu you have to eat bitter even when you are working on internal training.

hakkaAlso, In an unexpected honor and privilege Uncle Bill graced me along with others with an official certificate in Hakka Shao Lin Old Hand Kung Fu.

I had planned to stay With Uncle Bill and Aunt Joyce for a week but life had other plans.  My wife and I have been on an adoption list for about 4 years and with very little notice we got the call that we were about to adopt a new baby girl and had to greet her into the world at any moment so I had to leave 2 days early and fly to Louisiana for the birth instead of returning home.  It was another 9 days before I got to return to Tennessee.  Whew!  2 weeks out of the school feels like being gone for 2 months.

Anyway, now I am playing a lot of catch-up and things are starting to return to normal.  Later this year I will be traveling to visit Uncle in Denver again or more likely bringing him and Aunt Joyce for a visit here to Tennessee.  If you are interested in attending a seminar with us please let us know.

Best Regards.
Sigung Clear

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