1 Touch Knockouts – Various Methods and Jings

This is the second part of 1 Touch Knockouts vs Fa Jing. A 1 Touch Knockout can also be accomplished by using Peng Jing so that the recipient feels like they have ran into a large solid timber post … [Read more...]

1 Touch Knockouts vs Fa Jing

One of my students who has studied 1 Touch Knockouts but has not yet been exposed to much Fa Jing training asked me if 1 Touch Knockouts and Fa Jing are the same thing. Fa Jing is much more than … [Read more...]

1 Touch Knockouts @ Family Gathering ’09

(continued from "Uncle Bill Family Gathering") In my first teaching session I taught on Heavy hands, 1 Touch Knockout hitting and whole body energy transfer.  In my second teaching session at the … [Read more...]