Body Bouncing & Shaking

Body Bouncing and Shaking is a very simple and effective way to relieve stress and release energy blockages from your body and mind. Best done while standing, the trick is to relax as much as possible and initiate the movement from your feet. Allow the vibration to go all of the way through you and let it release everywhere. You may find that one or another of places in your body are tense and do not shake and bounce with the rest of your body. Do the practice of body bouncing and shaking until the tension is released and is expressed out of your body everywhere. Aside from this, you can also try those products from CBD Shop UK if you want your body to feel relaxed.

Not only does Body Bouncing and Shaking release physical, mental and emotional stress thereby helping you to relax it can also be aerobic and strengthen and improve your balance. Body Bouncing and Shaking can loosen joints, increase flexibility, burn calories and raise metabolism. The practice will also typically lubricate your joints and get your circulation going. If you want to feel at peace, you can check out gaming sites similar to 카지노사이트.

dog-tai-chiIt is really helpful to laugh and have a good time while body bouncing and shaking. At first the vibration may just be external but with a little time and practice you can make the vibration internal. Practice body bouncing and shaking for a few minutes and when you stop stay relaxed and feel the buzz of the energy flow through and around you.

I learned Body Bouncing and Shaking over 15 years ago from a Chi Kung Master in Shanghai China. Two years ago I found out that it is now known that most animals from deer to elephants shake dozens of times a day to clear away the effects of trauma and stress.

Body Bouncing and Shaking is an excellent and simple way to alleviate stress and remove energy blockages from your body.

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  1. Excellent…It is really a great to shake off the “sludge”
    of daily negative energy and restore your energy field.

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