Breathing For Longevity

Breathing For Longevity is the title of our 3rd video on breathing. As well as the info that is specific for longevity this video will build and expand a bit on the information on the first two videos. I have included a guided breathing series that is worth the price of the whole set all by itself. I have personally gained a lot of benefit and been able to become a much better internal practitioner due to working with this breathing practice. I find that it really helps you to find and release tension from your body as well as helping you to get a better sense of the internal aspects of your body.

One of the great daily benefits that you can quickly obtain from this practice is to get so used to finding and releasing tension that it becomes a normal habit to do it. You will be surprised at how much more energy you will have at the end of the day when you are not carrying an excessive amount of tension and can relax more during stressful activities such as driving in heavy traffic.

Due to the topic of this video being longevity I have included a lot of specific longevity practices including Marrow Washing as well as Wu Chi and the Energy Ball test. There is also information on aligning the body energy through brushing the body, tapping the body and body bouncing.

Body bouncing really helps you to regularly practice the release of stress and there are some recent medical studies that indicate that this kind of stress release is extremely natural and beneficial in a variety of ways. I tend to notice that however I was feeling before I start the body bouncing I immediately and noticeably feel better after practicing. There is an energy buzz that you get from this practice that is deep, profound and very cool.

On this video I have also included a section on using Breath & Energy Movement with Grand Tai Chi and Carry the Cauldron to balance and store energy. I also spend some time discussing the importance of connecting the upper and lower body as well as how to connect the upper and lower body. Upper and lower body connection is extremely important for real power and for high quality Energy Connection & energy Flow. Most people are disconnected at the waist and have a difficult time getting the connection to happen usually due to postural habits that are not noticeable unless you have a teacher pointing them out to you. Any time that you can get with me for a private lesson or even a group workshop ask me to take a look at your upper and lower body connection. Over the last couple of years I have made adjustments to many 20year + practitioners and the difference it makes to their personal practice is almost always immediately noticeable.

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  1. I will check out the video as it looks really interesting. I have been doing some deep breathing exercises for a month or so now and I really feel it helps me sleep better.

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